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Secretos de Galicia

Secretos de Galicia

"Secretos de Galicia" que identifica y distingue productos originarios de Galicia, y que a través de una mirada innovadora y de vanguardia, proyecta los valores del país valiéndose de elementos vinculados con la naturaleza, la cultura, el arte, la ciencia, el diseño y las costumbres Accede al proyecto completo

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  • € 150.000 objetivo
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  • 15.00% capital
  • 53 días faltan
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Pizza Rossa Ltd
Camden, London
  • EIS

Pizza Rossa Ltd

Pizza Rossa Ltd will create a chain of Italian-style quick service pizzerias in London offering freshly made daily, easy to eat-on-the-go, low-calorie Pizzas that are guaranteed to be served within 90 seconds from order. The mission is to become the namesake brand for premium pizza al taglio (pizza by-the-square-slice) in the UK. Accede al proyecto completo

  • 157% conseguido
  • £440,000 invertido
  • £280,000 objetivo
  • 119 Inversores
  • 26.00% capital
  • 1 días

Best of All Worlds
Stockholm, Sweden

Best of All Worlds

BOAW aims to be the ultimate discovery and matching platform for people, products and services online. Created with the aim of enabling its members to navigate and leverage the relevant collective intelligence of the ‘trusted’ few. By segmenting and matching niche interests and backgrounds, it provides an intimate and private web environment with the aim of targeting top global influencers and connectors who share common backgrounds, interests and passions. Accede al proyecto completo

  • 214% conseguido
  • £428,330 invertido
  • £200,000 objetivo
  • 67 Inversores
  • 7.40% capital
  • 1 días

Oxford, Oxfordshire
  • EIS


Rising energy costs and government efficiency compliance requirements have increased demand for Enistic’s innovative energy saving technology. Established in 2009, Enistic has designed and installed energy saving systems in companies throughout the world. Pret a Manger, Airtricity, Honda, Fujitsu & Cambridge University to name a few have benefitted from energy cost reduction, improved environmental credentials and regulatory compliance. Accede al proyecto completo

  • 272% conseguido
  • £340,860 invertido
  • £125,000 objetivo
  • 205 Inversores
  • 5.00% capital
  • 1 días