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The Mini-Bond Investment Process

Want to invest in a Crowdcube Bond? Here’s how it works…


Join the crowd


Simply join Crowdcube for free in less than 60 seconds and without commitment. You’ll then be able to view all the details on individual investment opportunities such as videos, documents and pitch text.


Find your inspiration


Find a mini-bond that inspires you and say how much you want to invest. At this point you’ll need to enter your payment details and address but no money will be taken. 


The pitch hits its target


When the pitch accumulates enough investment it reaches its funding target. We then take care of the legal paperwork including the ‘Articles of Association’ that form the basis of a company's constitution.


A few simple checks


As a regulated business we’re obliged to run Anti-Money Laundering (AML) checks on our investors and they happen automatically during the 14 day period. Just so you know, they have nothing to do with credit checks.


Payment is taken


Once the 14 days are over and all the AML checks completed, we will collect the funds from your account.


Funds transferred and certificate issued


When all the funds have been captured they are transferred to the company. We then issue your Bond Certificate and you will start to receive interest payments as laid out in the investment memorandum.

Feeling inspired?

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